Friend Makin’ Mondays: what do you want for Christmas?

This weeks FMM is all about Xmas and gifts. So let’s just get on it. Because Xmas IS all about gifts. And food. Ahem. To the point:

  1. A pug. I just really really really want a pug. And I will get one, I have been promised. Not this Christmas though, but I will.
  2. A pillow. Not too soft, not too hard, not too small and not too big.
  3. Box of Budapest chocolates. This is a tradition, I always get one box of these.
  4. Box of Brunbergs chocolates. Tradition too.
  5. A book. Something about training preferably. Any suggestions?
  6. Many many long and lazy mornings between 22.12.2012 – 6.1.2013 on my holiday.
  7. Training gear! New tops and bras and pants and and and. All gear is good. I’m actually just waiting for the after-christmas sales to start. But a gift card anyone?
  8. World peace. Of course.
  9. Monopoly the board game. Or Trivial Pursuit. If Trivial Pursuit, I’d love the first edition. It’s always fun to play with people born after 1985 and see their expressions when they understand that only logical answer to any  geographical question is “The Soviet Union”, or when they try to figure out “which were the countries bordering East-Germany”. Endless joy.
  10. A bottle of wine. This is a sure, one of my uncles always get this for me.

6 responses to “Friend Makin’ Mondays: what do you want for Christmas?

  1. That’s a pretty cool list right there.. down to earth stuff.. I’m proud of ya.. I wanted a new car.. and I owned a pug they are the sweetest..

  2. meillä on semmonen trivial pursuit vuodelta kasijotain. en oo varma onko se joku junior-versiokin vielä. pitäisipä etsiä se jostain 😀

  3. LOL…I love my old first edition Trivial Pursuit! Stopping by from FMM.

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