Leg day, happy day

I’m getting into the leg-day-groove here. Now that I got my practice with my new programs, it was time to get some decent weights for the reps. And I also tested if can actually workout with my bf, without the workout turning into a competition. Which I would lose cause the guy is half a meter taller than me and way stronger than I’ll ever be. (No competition, yay.)


So this is what I managed to do:

  • Dead-lift: 2 * 10, 50kg (+10kg), 2 * 8, 60kg (+20kg)
  • Sumo squats: 1 * 10, 50kg (+10kg), 3 * 10, 60kg (+20kg)
  • Lunges: 3 * 8/leg, 50kg (+10kg)
  • Barbell row: 4 * 10, 40kg (+/-0)kg
  • Single leg leg press: 1 * 10/leg, 80kg (+10kg), 2 * 10/leg, 90kg (+20kg)
  • Straight-arm pulldown: 1 * 10, 15kg, 2 * 10, 17,5kg (+2,5kg)
  • Side bends: 3 * 15/side, 10kg (+/- 0)
  • Decline sit-ups: 3 * 20

Great day, can’t wait for Friday (and next leg day) 😀


3 responses to “Leg day, happy day

  1. Leg training was maybe the best part of my gym training. Simply because the training was progressive. 😀 Other my trainings didn’t develope very fast – I would say very slow development if any. And the results are the things that motivates.

  2. Wow!! Your workout is awesome!! Are you working with a trainer or did you come up with that on your own? I am really impressed! I don’t blame you for not wanting to be in competition with the boyfriend! Who knows though…at the rate you are going you may be kicking his butt!! By the way, you look great in the pic!

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