Dynamic stretching

I know, I’m lazy when it comes to stretching. Really really lazy. But today I had promised my skaters that before ice we would do some mobility and warm-up stretchings. Which meant that I had to refresh my memory by googling, because I couldn’t find my materials from stretching training. What we actually did was something like this:

photo (4)

Then we did some dancing and skating too. But these dynamic stretches were fun. I felt like a granny when doing them but they really worked. I got all warmed up for the ice, sun came out and birds were singing. Or maybe not those last two. It’s been freezing (-20C) for couple of days, and I just wish the summer would already be here… With this kind of weather, the ice rink feels like a place to go when one needs to get out of the cold. And that’s just wrong.

(PrimeFit’s dynamic stretching videos can be found here and here.)


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