FMM: Christmas edition

This weeks FMM is about Christmas.

Picture 024

How will you celebrate the holidays this year?  I’ll spend the Christmas eve at home with my boyfriend, and we will do a small tour to see both of our families later that week. Oh, and it appears that we are going to hit the gym on the morning of 24th, cool! (I just realized that the gym is open then, let this be our C-tradition starting now.)

What’s the weather currently like where you live? Winter wonderland, all white and snowy. Bless Finland 🙂

Do you decorate your home for the holidays? If so, share a picture please! I really don’t. I have now 2 decorations. The other is around all the year so apparently it does not really count as C-decorations, but the other one is new and it looks like this:

2012-12-09 17.55.33

What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Don’t have one. It’s not that traditional to see a movie at Christmas. Except this Disney animation From All of Us to All of You. That’s nice.

What is your favorite Christmas songs?  Hate almost every single one of them 😀 Almost. There are couple of versions of traditional songs I do enjoy:

Do you have an advent calendar?  Of course. Chocolate. ALL mine. I’m surprised I haven’t emptied it yet.

Do you prefer color lights or white lights?  No lights for me please. But white if you have to.

What is your favorite food to eat over the holidays?  Fish. All kinds of fish. And this thing which is something like omelette made in oven. I really don’t like most of the traditional foods, but I do like over eating 😀 And chocolate. Let’s not forget about chocolate.


Do you display a live tree, or do you prefer fake trees?  Well, I haven’t had a tree since I moved out from my mother’s. But apparently this year we are going to have a live one. I don’t have any decorations for it, but let’s see how it turns out….

What would you need to make your holiday perfect this year? Just the fact that it’s holiday, and all my loved ones are with me. And I get to sleep late.


2 responses to “FMM: Christmas edition

  1. Hi! Stopping by from FMM. The chocolate in Advent calendars is the only thing I can actually rationate.
    The first song sounds good, though I wouldn’t have identified it as a Christmas song.

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