Just one more rep

I met up with my PT today for a “Just one more rep and then you die” -workout. Basically it was simple “let’s get one muscle group exhausted at a time and then work it out some more” type of thing. As seen on many fitness forums.

  • Squats: 1*10 20kg, 1 * 8 70kg, 3 * 8 90kg
  • Quad extensions: 20 reps, 45kg
  • Bench press: 1 * 10 20kg, 2 * 8 42,5kg, 2 * 6 45kg
  • Cross-cable fly: 20 reps, 7,5kg
  • Close grip front lat pulldown: 3 * 8 50kg, 1 * 7 55kg
  • Cable row: 20 reps 35kg
  • Bicep curls with barbell: 2 * 8, 2 * 6
  • Bicep curls with dumbbells: 20 reps, 5kg
  • EZ bar triceps extension: 1 * 8 14kg, 3 * 8 19kg
  • Cable triceps extension: (lost count, maybe 25?) 10kg
  • Hoovers, various kinds

I did all the moves first until “failure”, so that the PT had to help me out with last two reps on about every move. Then we went and killed the poor muscle group that had just workout so hard with the following exercise (20 reps).

I’m definitely gonna do that workout again. And hey, 90kg squats AND PB in bench press! Go me!


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