“How not to gain weight during the Christmas!”

Oh the tabloid magazines. Why do you even bother? It seems that all women’s magazines, gossip magazines, tabloids and fitness blogs are full of tips and questions of the same subject. How not to get fat during Christmas. I know how, let me tell you (just for free, because I’m really that nice).

The rule: Do not eat too much.

Exception number 1: If you do happen to eat too much during let’s say 24th of December, it’s ok. I will promise you will not get fat eating too much one day.

Exception number 2: If you do happen to eat too much 24th, 25th and 26th of December, that’s ok too. You will not get fat instantly. Just forget about it and get back to normal by the 27th.

There. Easy isn’t it? Just don’t eat too much, plain and simple. Just be a normal person, enjoy the holidays, enjoy life and don’t beat yourself up if you eat a box of chocolate (as normally you avoid that kind of goodies). Relax and enjoy.

Climb over a snow mountain if you want to burn some of that chocolate. At least downtown Tampere you can do that:

2012-12-17 08.27.16


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