Just one more..

…day before 2 weeks of holiday. I’m gonna punch the end of the world on the nose if it ruins my holidays. Really. I’ll kick some end of the worldly ass if that happens. I do go to the gym you know!

  • Dumbbell bench press: 4 * 10, 14kg (next time, 16kg)
  • Bench dips: 3 * 10, 15 kg plate + swiss ball (+5kg here, yay!)
  • Cable triceps extensions: 10, 10, 10, 10 reps, 17,5kg (next time, 20kg)
  • Cable bicep curls: 10, 10, 9, 8 reps, 17,5kg (next time at least couple or series with 20kg)
  • Lateral raises: 3 * 10, 9kg (+1kg, go me)
  • Barbell twists: 3 * 15/side
  • Back: 3 * 12, 10kg
  • Leg raises: 4 * 15

photo (11)I spent today just a little bit over 100€ at the grocery store, getting ready for Christmas. (25% of the cost was because smoked salmon, but that’s like the ham or the turkey or what ever people mostly eat at Christmas to me). There will be plenty of food. Liver casserole, potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, ham, smoked salmon, cold-smoked salmon, chocolate, too many different kinds of cheese, peas, red wine and all things really really good. (Ham and potato casserole are for the BF, not for me.) I can’t wait for Monday and the all day eating feast 😀

How about you, any plans to overeat on Monday? 🙂


5 responses to “Just one more..

  1. Yes, Im looking forward to prime rib!

  2. I agree that the salmon belongs to christmas table. I just yesterday ordered salmon cooked using open fire. I think we have also smoked salmon. Casseroles are not for me. The mother-in-law makes for me and the other kids macaroni casserole. 😀 Of course there is also the ham. This year we make it in our baking oven. We have had also wild boar ham smoked. and that’s very tasty too. We are starting the eating on sunday. And switching places it will last at least a week I think. 😀

    • My salmon is also loimulohta 🙂 The best part really is that first one eats at home, and after that you get to visit at least two other food heavens 🙂 Merry Christmas!

      • Yes they don’t have such a good word for loimulohi in English. We have planned our eatings a little bit so that the food exanges every day. Eating the same everyday would kill the tastes. Of course when you are visiting to other tables you propably can’t avoid this.

        Merry Christmas for you too!

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