FMM: Fill in the blanks!

1. I want to...have an ass that a miniskirt would want to wear.

2.  I’ve never…driven a motorbike.

3. I believe…I can fly. Oh wait, that was some one else. Was it R.Kelly?

2012-12-25 18.29.29

4. My mind often wonders…to summer. It’s quite understandable since there  is like 10m of snow outside.

5. Last night I dreamed that…I didn’t dream anything. I rarely remember my dreams. Is it normal? 🙂

6. This morning for breakfast I ate…couple of small Carelian pies and coffee.

7. My love life is…awesome. Just as it should be. 🙂

2012-12-27 20.14.47

8. I enjoy…a hot sauna and a cold beer.

9. When I was a child I used to…play piano for 3 years.

10. When I’m in the kitchen I…check out the fridge. Every time. You never know if something delicious has somehow manifested itself in there. Like chocolate. If it wasn’t in the fridge five minutes ago, doesn’t mean it’s not there now!

11. My favorite exercise is...gym, dancing and skating.

12. When I travel I…try to see and feel it all. I love planning, but it doesn’t mean I do everything I have planned. I go by how I feel.

13. My friends would tell you that I am…gym-fanatic, sarcastic, nice (if I want to) and kind.

2012-12-26 22.19.05

14.  If I had to eat at a fast food restaurant today I would choose…Subway.

15. My favorite…ice-cream flavor is licorice.

16. My home is…small, great, cozy, old and just perfect.

17. I read…biography of Stephen Fry, a book of English and their ways called “Being English” (written by a social anthropologist) and this book about workouts and muscles I got for Christmas.

18. The last movie I saw was… Finding Nemo!

19. Music makes me feel…normal. I always listen to music. On the bus, at the gym, walking, at home, in the car, at work. I don’t like silence that much.

20. All I want for Christmas is… chocolate.


2 responses to “FMM: Fill in the blanks!

  1. I *did* eat at a fast food restaurant today. For lunch. Subway. Veggie delite 6 inch (salad only, no cheese, honey mustard dressing, no salt on wheat). Took my 5 year old daughter there – she loves it.

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