Long time no run

Sun was almost shining and it felt like waste of time not to go out. Why is that? One gets a bad concience if one does not go outside when the weather is nice. Maybe it’s just this winter and stupid polar night thing…


Anyway, I got myself these pins for my running shoes. Ugly as hell, but at least I didn’t fall! I also visited the sales and now I’m all matchymatchy 🙂


  • Distance/Duration:2.6km / 18:36
  • Avg./Max.speed:7:10 / 4:31 min/km
  • Calories:311 kcal
  • Total ascent/decent13 / 10m

Apparently I also ran my new PB in Cooper: 1750m (which according to Endomondo is 28m better than my previous PB). Oh the joy of the technology!


2 responses to “Long time no run

  1. Any chance you could post a picture of the bottom of your running pins? I’m curious how they compare to YakTrax for the snow.

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