Post-Christmas gym

Oh man how great gym day this was. Maybe I didn’t eat all that food and chocolate in vain! It was just bulk and strength, not “over eating”.

2012-12-28 16.46.12

New training gloves and shoes in action, maybe they too made the weights so light today.

  • Dumbbell bench press: 2 * 10 16kg, 1 * 6, 1 * 7 18kg (from 14kg to 18kg, go me!)
  • Bench dips: 4 * 10, 15kg plate
  • Cable triceps extensions: 4 * 10 17,5kg
  • Cable bicep curls: 4 * 10 17,5kg
  • Lateral raises: 3 * 10, 9kg
  • Twists with barbell: 3 * 12/side, 25kg
  • Back extensions: 3 * 12, 15kg
  • Leg raises: 5 * 10

2012-12-28 16.30.45

Nice shoes! Well, they were really cheap. But surprisingly great and sturdy. Plus I  love the color 🙂 My mom and dad got me a gift voucher at Stadium (a sport gear store) for Christmas, and I of course spent it already. I got myself a pair of gym gloves, pair of shoes, a buff, technical underwear (nicer to run wearing them I have to admit) and a warm hoodie. Voucher well spent I’d say! I was fiddling and fingering training shorts and tops, but my dear bf informed me that I have way too many tops and shorts already. I guess he means that my training clothes take up way more space than his training gear. Or that he would prefer to see my sweaty tops somewhere else than on living room floor…

And this last pic is for Robinson. He wanted to see my running/granny pins, so here they are!

2012-12-28 22.07.59

My pins are (really) cheap (about 10€) and by no means made for running I suppose. But they do their job. Pins are tall enough to hold and the plastic “wrap” is really heavy (getting it on the shoes was a workout in itself…)



2 responses to “Post-Christmas gym

  1. Nice shoes! You’re reminding me that I need to buy some new ones before mine fall apart!

    Yeah, I wish chocolate was a good food for building muscle too…:(

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