FMM – Simple questions

Simple Questions

1. Outside my window I see… garden, a road and behind the road a pond.

2. My kitchen counters are… made of wood. Not that convenient I must say. The constant wiping them dry is annoying.

3. Yesterday I drank…milk, coke zero and water.

4. My cell phone is…iPhone with silver glittering cases 🙂

5. My computer is…MacBook Pro. At home (my own) and at work too.

6. My favorite reality show is…Cops – Finnish show. It’s hilarious. You see, we don’t have that much high speed chases or such. We have funny, easygoing cops!

7. My workouts are… fun, hard and just the way I like them.

8. The last book I read is… No way down – Life and death on K2. Really interesting story about a disaster at the K2.

9. My week will be….ruthless. Back to work after 2 weeks of lazying at home.

10.  So far 2013 has been…great!



5 responses to “FMM – Simple questions

  1. Just stopping by from FMM …. Now I really want to see ‘Cops’!

  2. So jealous of some of these views! I have either the street, the sides of either neighbor’s house, or our (all dirt) back yard.

    • Does it help if I tell you that after the pond there is motor road, railway yard and a gas station? 🙂 I just choose to end seeing at the pond…

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