New Year’s Resolution rush at the gym

I thought I was being clever when I moved my gymtime from 16:00 to 19:30. Oh man I was wrong. The place was packed!

And in top of that, there was this co-trainee from hell. You know the dude. It’s rush hour at the gym and he decides to do circuit training. He uses squat & deadlift spot for pushups, pullups and military presses. He disappears for so long that people think the squat place is empty, but no it isn’t. He’s just doing dips and talking to some pretty blondes 😀 Oh man. It’s fine to do circuit, but a little consideration would go far. I mean, there’s two squat/deadlift spots at the gym. He had the other one, and the other was used by me, my bf and a third dude. We got along just fine, since the recovery times and all went pretty well together. No harm done there. But man it was annoying! Stop that if you are reading this! You had a green shirt, and you did pushups with one arm. Shame on you 😀

Well, back to me then. I look like I’m bald. Nice 😀

Photo1 (1)

  • Dead-lifts: 10*40kg, 10*45kg, 10*50kg, 10*55kg
  • Squats: 10*60kg, 10*70kg, 6*80kg, 6*90kg, 4*100kg, 4*110kg
  • Barbell row: 4*10*45kg
  • Lunges: 3*8*60kg/leg
  • One-leg press: 10*120kg, 2*10*100kg
  • Straight-arm pulldown: 3*10*20kg
  • Sidebends: 3*15*15kg

I ran out of time, and I didn’t do my decline situps. Next time then. Remember to look here next time at the gym! Also to be noted: I squatted 1,2*my own bodyweight! Not with perfect technique, but still. I’m going to stick with those weights for awhile and get better and deeper squats 🙂


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