Awesome people at the ice rink

Today was supposed to be a skiing day (again), but it went sour pretty fast. I had no traction in my skis, and when we tried to add some grip, the things just went from bad to worse. Half an hour and 3 km later I called it quits. I couldn’t use any power from my legs, and my arms are still sore from all the work. Well,  let’s take the skiing as a arm day then. It was hard to ski just using arms and not legs 😀



Change of plans then! First we stopped by a sport store to get some ski maintenance things. And another stop to get new pair of skates to boyfriend. Then home and to the ice rink! Well, it wasn’t that easy though. The first rink was full of snow. The second rink was reserved for ice hockey players. But the third rink was a hit 🙂 Boyfriend warned me that he hasn’t skated in over 15 years, so he might not be able to even stand on the skates. But he did fine, and we skated about half an hour.



There were old geezer’s hanging at the rink. Apparently the other one was working there since he went to put us some music on, and the other one turned out to be figure skater himself! He was something like 65 or 75 years old and full of great stories. It was nice talking to him, he told us all about his skating days and like he hated those compulsory figures one had to do then. I have had to make them too! Share the hate 🙂

Compulsory figures used to be a part of figure skating, from which the sport derives its name. Carving specific patterns or figures into the ice was the original focus of the sport. Doing figures was so boring, I was glad when they removed them from competitions (they are boring to watch too…). But if you want to read more, here some info. And I warned, they are boring. I am not lying.

I was actually quite pissed off when the skiing thing went sour. And now I’m happy that we went skating, and I got to spend time outside! I’m confined in cubicle hell from 8 to 4 each day, so a little fresh air was like winning a lottery. (A small win. Maybe 200€. Or 20€. But still, a win.)


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