After cake cardio

Yesterday was well deserved “Rest, burger and cake” -day. I have ordinary rest days, but this one was special. I had plans to have a dinner and a move evening with the boyfriend, but unfortunately BF got really really sick. For some reason I didn’t catch the noro virus (apparently that’s my super power, I’m noro resistant) and I still wanted my burger. And the cake.

2013-01-25 20.19.45


This is the moment to be happy that I have great friends. Tiiti was kind enough to help me with my Burger & Cake quest and so we headed off to Daddy’s Diner. It was fun! The worst part was that it was really really difficult to decide what cake to take. They have all the cakes in a showcase and you can go ahead and choose the one you like to go with your free coffee. Oh man we had troubles. But chocolate cake and pecan pie it was. (This actually was not our first adventure in cake land, about a year ago we did a little excursion to a place called Kakku Galleria in Helsinki, which pretty much is a cake buffe. Heaven. We hade 7 1/3 slices of cake. The last 1/3 was too much.)

Today (still no noro here, go me) was then back to normal food and normal workouts. I went skiing and skied about 8 km in 50 minutes. Why is it that the hills seem so much steeper in reality than in the pictures?

2013-01-26 14.52.20


I managed to ski faster than ever, average speed being 9km/h. And top speed 35 km/h (I told you the hills were steep…). I really enjoy skiing, I have to admit. I’m not good in it, but it’s nice. And it burns a lot of calories and it’s great cardio.

2013-01-26 14.58.18Urban cross country skiing, the ski trail goes under a motor way. I did also an hour of aqua running, because I wanted to test out how may calories it burns and what’s my heart rate while doing it. I’m going to prefer swimming, it’s as efficient and more fun. Aqua running is fun when a friend is with you, and you can just talk for the whole hour, but otherwise it’s pretty boring.

Tomorrow is gym day, so no more cake for me… I thought I’d keep these Rest&Burger&Cake -days about once a month. It’s good to enjoy and indulge every once in a while 🙂



4 responses to “After cake cardio

  1. Too right! Good on you 🙂 I fully agree with your mantra. Today I indulged a bit too, having affogato (ice cream with coffee poured over it) and then we went up to have munkkis at the tower in Pyynikki!

  2. Adventures in cake land indeed 😀 And since Eetu had caught the flu, today we had double cheeseburgers from Pancho Villa. And candy. Man, it’s hard being this nice a person.

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