Going nowhere

How do you people kill time before classes to start? I had today extra 30min before spinning class. Just out of pure boredom, I ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes. I ran little over 2k, at 8,5km/h.

This was my first time of Les Mills Spinning. All good, but I think I prefer the other classes, where the instructor can choose their own music. Rammstein, Volbeat and that kind of music anytime for me. It’s a bit bore when Les Mills tends to recycle their songs, there’s a limit for how many versions of Adele’s Someone like you one can listen… (Thank heavens it wasn’t on RPM’s track list.)

After the spinning class I just felt a bit stupid that I had just spent an hour pretty much working my butt of to go nowhere…


4 responses to “Going nowhere

  1. hahaha yes the music in classes can be really funny sometimes. My body pump instructors tend to have pretty good playlists though. I think they make their own mixes.

  2. I didn’t know that Les Mills has also spinning classes. In our gym is presented almost every Les Mills classes but the spinning classes are always their own mixes. And that’s sometimes a good thing and sometimes not. 😀 It was a time when I was almost every week in a class that had no permanent instructor. You didn’t ever know what you get. Sometimes it was just perfect but sometimes they played Antti Tuisku!!!??? So Les Mills is something that you pretty much know what you will have.

    Spinning is maybe the easiest class to kill time before it starts. In our gym you can go to the bikes when ever you want. So I cycle often half an hour before the class starts. The gym where a go to body pump is smaller and everyone in the class knows each other so the waiting time is pretty much talking. If I have much time I cycle a bit.

    • Knowing what you are going to get is the best thing and the worst thing about Les Mills. When it’s good, it’s great. When it’s Adele’s most beautiful song being raped again and again, it’s awful 😀

      RPM was more like a interval spinning, rather than endurance. Three peaks and a lot of recovery between.

      • Something I don’t like about Les Mills is also that they have changed the body pump more to the cardiotraining. Especially back and butt training is nowadays something where you have your pulse in highest level. If I want cardio I think I would go spinning or something like that. We had class called Retro Pump last week. The trainer didn’t have Les Mills license so she had dig up some old pump she have used years and years ago. It was so different. No hurry at any point. You had time to do every motion properly and you hearth ad lungs didn’t fail first. They were the muscles that screamed.

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