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Stupid flu

When I left to work on Monday morning, I packed up my gym stuff and headed of to work. After lunch, I came back home and went back to bed. Flu. Stupid flu. I was home the whole Tuesday and luckily was back to work by Wednesday. The only workout I’ve managed to do this week was skating. And that does not really count as workout since I just stand on the ice with my skates on.

I also have been eating all things that I really shouldn’t, so at the moment I feel like a hippopotamus 😀 But you know, I’ll get it back together (starting from the next meal). And those hotdogs were gooooood…. 😀 If I get a decent sleep next week, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. Or for a run. We’ll see!

Weekly wrap-up, 8/2013

This week was return-to-the-gym week and sitting-on-my-arse-whole-weekend week. I went to see Finnish Championships in synchronized skating (Team Unique finally won for those of you who know what I’m talking about, Sun City Swing was seventh in juniors and they were awesome). If laughing 6 hours a day counts as core exercise, then I did a great. If we don’t count it, my week looked like this:

  • Monday: 
  • Tuesday: Gym
  • Wednesday: Yoga, Skating
  • Thursday: Gym
  • Friday: Swimming
  • Saturday: – (laughing)
  • Sunday: Running (laughing)

2013-02-24 16.56.51-1

Walking on water

It’s spring! Almost! Sun was shining and melting snow already. I was visiting my parents so a new route for running. And a lot of time went also just looking around.

2013-02-24 10.28.06


2013-02-24 10.37.33-1


The coolest thing about winter is that I can ran (walk) on water! See the map if you don’t believe me 🙂


2013-02-24 20.54.00

I guess my running has improved, since I only did a 5k and it felt really short. Nice going 🙂

400m of free style

As you probably already know, I can’t swim that well. Today after work (instead of going to the city center for an after work beer) I went to a swimming hall close to work.

I practiced on my strokes and kicks mainly. 300m of strokes and 300m of kicks (alternating, so it didn’t get too boring). It went pretty good I’d say. Well, I don’t see how I swim, but it felt like it went better than last time.



The lane was only 25m long which kind of sucked, but in all earnest, I can’t yet swim much longer than that anyway so it doesn’t matter. But I got a bit confused when going in to the changing rooms. You see, when I went in I waited first an old lady to  come out from the gate. So I assumed I went in to the ladies side. And I heard male voices talking. I went back to the gate to see if I accidentally went to the guy’s side, but there was just a sign which said “Locker rooms”.



Finally I realized that at this particular swimming hall the lockers are for both sexes but there are changing rooms for the privacy. And then the shower rooms are for men and women separately. A bit confusing at first, have to admit.

Back to workout. After training strokes and kicks I finally managed to swim 400m. Wasn’t very smooth going, but I don’t care (yet). I was happy and really tired when getting out of the pool, like this:



(crocodile, polar bear, mad dog)

Now where are my Arnold muscles?

Second time with G6. Now where are my mighty thighs?

2013-02-21 16.07.23a

Maybe they are hiding under the way-too-baggy-training-pants? I added more weights to almost all sets, but I could’ve added even more. For example “35kg (+3)” in bench press means that I did 2 * 10 sets and the last set was 1 * 13. And that means that next time I should use more weights.

Golden six
19.2. 21.2. 26.2 28.2.
Squats 35kg 40kg x kg x kg
Bench press 35kg 35kg (+3) x kg x kg
Lat machine 40kg 50kg (8,6,6) x kg x kg
Overhead press 15kg 16,5kg (+2) x kg x kg
Bicep curl 12kg 14kg (+5) x kg x kg
Situps 3 sets of 20 3 sets of 30 x sets of y x sets of y

Good workout! I also did the squats as ass-to-the-grass version. I have tried to do that before, but I just haven’t got that right. The form keeps failing and I do not (yet) have enough mobility. So today I put a little piece of plank under my heels and it did the trick!

Besides the G6, I did Romanian deadlifts (3*8, 40kg) and tried pullups. I managed to do 1/4 of a pullup! Too bad it doesn’t count 😀

50 hours of sun

Between 1.12.2012 and 19.2.2013 we had 50 hours of sun light in Finland. That’s like ridiculous. Come on Universe, be nice.

photo (5)


But there’s a “bright” side too. When it’s cloudy, it’s not that cold. When the sun shines, it’s cold as in viper’s arse.

Today was sunny, and cold. So no running before skating. I had that planned, but it was too cold. Did I mention that it was cold? Plus it’s somehow funny that I hate cold but will happily spend my free time at the ice rink. Anyway, happy midweek and that to all 🙂

Golden six

As I have said, I’ve been kinda bored out about the gym. And this week is a bit busy, and I can only fit in two gym sessions. I want to get the most out of those two, and I want change.



Arnold’s Golden Six! If you are not familiar with the concept, I’ll sum it up. Those of you who know it, skip this or just admire Arnold above.

The Golden six consist of six moves (no surprises there).

1) Barbell squat. Use a weight that allows you to do 4 times 10 reps. Squat at least to parallel.

2) Barbell bench press. Rather wide grip and 3 times 10 reps.

3) Chins. 3 times as many as you can do. If (like me) you can’t do any, use lat machine (until you can do chin-ups).

4) Overhead press. 4 times 10 reps.

5) Bicep curls. 3 times 10 reps.

6) Sit-ups. Continue until 20 reps or as many as you can do. 3 or 4 sets.

There. It was fun change. Although I did couple alterations (Smith squats because squat racks were taken and Lat machine cause I can’t do chin-ups yet), I really liked this. It doesn’t take too much time but I’m pretty sure it will get boring. This first time was a try out, and next time I’ll know what weights to use. But here’s how it went.

Golden six
19.2. 21.2. 26.2 28.2. 1.3. 5.3.
Squats 35kg x kg x kg x kg x kg x kg
Bench press 35kg x kg x kg x kg x kg x kg
Lat machine 40kg x kg x kg x kg x kg x kg
Overhead press 15kg x kg x kg x kg x kg x kg
Bicep curl 12kg x kg x kg x kg x kg x kg
Situps 3 sets of 20 x kg x kg x kg x kg x kg

There! Next time, more weights to pretty much all moves except overhead press. And by next time I mean Thursday!