I don’t feel like gym

Weird feeling this. I just did not want to go to the gym on Sunday, on Monday or today. Or tomorrow. On Thursday I have to go, since I’m meeting up with my PT. I don’t know where this is coming from. I like working out, but somehow it’s just repulsive to actually go. I really had to fight with myself to get my ass up from the couch to do a little jog instead.

2013-02-05 21.24.27

The goal was to try to run 2 sets normal/a little slower than normal pace and then 2 sets faster. And I did excatly so. Now I just need a nifty little app to my iPhone for the interval things. Something in which I can say that “I want to run 15 min for warm-up, and then I’m going to do 4 sets so that I run 4 min faster and then 2 min slower. And I want to listen to my Spotify while doing this and I want to get informed about the intervals too.” Any ideas? 🙂

After the run we headed off to Kaupinojan sauna. People (not me) go there for ice swimming. What a crazy people they are. I mean that’s freezing that water. I’m definitely not going ever. But BF did, and I just enjoyed the sauna there 🙂

2013-02-05 20.16.07


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