Why do I get a hickup after a run? It always starts about 15min after I finish the run and lasts for 5 min or so. Annoying (but somehow funny)! What is this, anyone else with same problem?

I did some intervals today, or fart lek as they say in Swedish. Fart lek, ehahahahaha. Much shorter (and funnier in a 5 year old’s humor kind of way) than “vauhtileikittely” in Finnish.

  • 10 min warmup
  • 5 times: 2 min fast, 1 min slower
  • 10 min cool down

All this and it was snowing and windy and cold. Like the intervals aren’t awful enough… But I get this kind of superhero feeling and I get to be a little more proud of myself when the weather sucks too. It’s just not the same when the sun is shining and all that summer things..


2 responses to “Hickups

  1. That’s so weird! And I have no idea why.

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