Learning how to swim. Again.

I know how to swim. And by that I mean I know how to stay afloat and how to get forward in the water. But what I don’t know is how to swim with good technique. Today I got a 1,5 hour private swimming lesson from a friend. He taught me about kicks and strokes and head position and all that kind of stuff. And kindly tried not to laugh too much when I wasn’t quite that able to do the exercises he told me to do.

Have to say, it was really hard. When I got the strokes going, I forgot to breath. When my head was too high, my kicks were all over the place. Never knew swimming was that hard! But I’m getting there. Apparently I’m not totally hopeless. I tried to get the strokes going by placing one hand on a little board to get it out of the way and I also had a pulley to get the legs out of the game too. So, only two things to do.

  1. Do a stroke with one hand.
  2. Breath.

It didn’t go that well though. I forgot about the breathing thing. And when I remembered it, I always flipped belly-up. Lots of laughing followed, which isn’t such a bad thing. Sports have to be fun!




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