50 hours of sun

Between 1.12.2012 and 19.2.2013 we had 50 hours of sun light in Finland. That’s like ridiculous. Come on Universe, be nice.

photo (5)


But there’s a “bright” side too. When it’s cloudy, it’s not that cold. When the sun shines, it’s cold as in viper’s arse.

Today was sunny, and cold. So no running before skating. I had that planned, but it was too cold. Did I mention that it was cold? Plus it’s somehow funny that I hate cold but will happily spend my free time at the ice rink. Anyway, happy midweek and that to all 🙂


5 responses to “50 hours of sun

  1. That’s maybe a thing that is difficult to understand for a people who have not ever been in a climath zone that has “prober” winter. When the sun is shining is coldest weather. 😀 But that’s true. Hope we would have some good old freezing days also before this winter is gone. 🙂 There is only few weeks time for that thoug.

    • Oh no, I’m happy with this “no sun” thing!

      • But I would like to see the faces of the employees from India we have here. Something about -30°C and wind from the sea we are next to. 😀 They have had winter clothes on from September so I think they would have to feel what is the real winter. 😀

      • It’s a some kind of a fact that after proper winter we might have proper summer. I hated last summer. 😀

      • Well, winter 2012 was “proper” (as in cold as frozen Hell) but the summer was bad. Maybe summer 2013 is the best? 🙂

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