400m of free style

As you probably already know, I can’t swim that well. Today after work (instead of going to the city center for an after work beer) I went to a swimming hall close to work.

I practiced on my strokes and kicks mainly. 300m of strokes and 300m of kicks (alternating, so it didn’t get too boring). It went pretty good I’d say. Well, I don’t see how I swim, but it felt like it went better than last time.



The lane was only 25m long which kind of sucked, but in all earnest, I can’t yet swim much longer than that anyway so it doesn’t matter. But I got a bit confused when going in to the changing rooms. You see, when I went in I waited first an old lady to  come out from the gate. So I assumed I went in to the ladies side. And I heard male voices talking. I went back to the gate to see if I accidentally went to the guy’s side, but there was just a sign which said “Locker rooms”.



Finally I realized that at this particular swimming hall the lockers are for both sexes but there are changing rooms for the privacy. And then the shower rooms are for men and women separately. A bit confusing at first, have to admit.

Back to workout. After training strokes and kicks I finally managed to swim 400m. Wasn’t very smooth going, but I don’t care (yet). I was happy and really tired when getting out of the pool, like this:



(crocodile, polar bear, mad dog)


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