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Weekly wrap-up, 13/2013

Intense week, done it. This 1+2+1 rhythm feels good. One lighter week adds the enthusiasm to work harder and intense week doesn’t feel that bad when I know next week will be easier 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 5.04.27 PM

  • Monday: Running
  • Tuesday: Gym
  • Wednesday: Cycling, Skating
  • Thursday: Cycling, Gym
  • Friday: Cycling
  • Saturday: Gym
  • Sunday: Hiking (haha), Running

Easy week, here we come 🙂

Working out is not always that hard

Well, maybe calling this little hiking tour a hiking tour and a workout is a bit excessive, but I have fun! Less text, more pics:

2013-03-31 11.32.34

2013-03-31 11.32.38

2013-03-31 11.49.28

2013-03-31 11.44.45

2013-03-31 12.07.50

2013-03-31 12.11.44

What a nice day. Coffee and sandwiches and a little walk. Next time we planned to go for a longer walk, maybe 15k or something like that. Hope the weather stays as sunny as today 🙂 I also went for a short half an hour run. 4.5 km, just to test my new shoes! They are good and light. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I enjoyed every second of the run. Just because now I can run, I’m not out of breath and it’s easy. Practice makes better I have to admit. Great birthday so far! I still have (so I’ve heard) an ice cream to eat, so the day just gets better… 🙂

Total km’s run 2013: 53km

Why does the iron have to weigh so much?

Oh boy, difficult gym today. It just didn’t go at all. Struggling, no flow at all… I hate these kind of days, I really do.

photo (14)

Golden six
30.3. 2.4. 4.4. 9.4.
Squats 60kg(8,8,8,8) x kg x kg x kg
Bench press 40kg (8,8,8) (incline) x kg x kg x kg
Lat machine 55kg (8,8,8) x kg x kg x kg
Overhead press 26,5kg (8,8,8,8) x kg x kg x kg
Bicep curl 21,5kg (8,8,8) x kg x kg x kg
Abs Planks, Weighed crunches (10kg)

Remember the E-Z bar I wondered wether it’s 8kg or 14kg? I thought it was 14kg and a friend of mine thought it’s 8kg. It’s 14kg. I weighed the bar just to make sure. I guess now there’s one happy girl whose bicep curl weights just went up!

Looking for the spring

Didn’t find it though. It’s hidden beneath all the snow… Apparently in Helsinki you can find snow from 2010. Vintage-snow, who wants it?



I did a little biking tour today. Since is a day off from work (yay, thanks Easter!) I had plenty of time to do what ever I want. I started the day by having brunch with my dear friends. Foooooood and good laughs, nice way to start a long weekend.





Then I hopped on my bike, put on my daft helmet and went for a little 24k ride. It was a bit cold and a bit wet and a bit icy, but if one has a vivid imagination one is able to see that spring is just around the corner. Not yet here though.







Choose your sport: swimming, skiing, running or ice-fishing. We have it all at the lake 😀

Happy Easter to all of you!

I may look daft, but at least I’m a bit safer

I did go to the gym today, but let’s get to that later. You see, my salary came and I went straight to the sports gear store. I got myself a new pair of running shoes. They are barefoot kind, very very light and apparently they are “natural” what ever that means. And look how pretty they are!



Tomorrow is running day, so maybe I’ll try these ones! I also bought myself a bicycle helmet. Remember I complained how ugly they are! But look, this is quite pretty too:



The only problem is that it’s me who is making the helmet look daft. It’s my fault, not the helmets. But I’m going to be the one at the supermarket, walking around in trainers and a bike helmet on her head. You know the type…

photo (13)

I’ve kind of deteriorated in what it comes to appearances. Today at work I realized that I actually wanted to leave my cap on because my hair was so messy and in need of a washing. Since practically every day afterwork I go and do some sports, I find it too hard to put on a nice blouse and a skirt. It’s a pain in the ass to wear them again after gym to go home. Maybe I should start carrying a pair of jogging pants and sneakers in my car, so I can change them on after work. It’s not that I would’ve been a fashionista before, but now things just have gone south 😀 I mean I used to care that my scarf would match the jacket at least somehow… So it doesn’t really bother me that I look daft with the helmet on. At least I get to a kinda free-pass to look daft in other ways too!

Golden six
21.3. 23.3. 26.3 28.3.
Squats 50kg 55kg (10,10,8,8) 55kg (10,10,10,10) 57,5kg (10,10,10,10)
Bench press 40kg 42,5kg (8,8,8) 42,5kg (8,8,8) 42,5kg (8,8,8)
Lat machine 55kg (6,6,6) 55kg (7,7,7) 55kg (7,7,7) 55kg (8,8,7)
Overhead press 24kg 26,5kg (6,6,6,5) 27,5kg (8,8,8,8) 27,5kg (8,8,8,8)
Bicep curl 21,5kg (6,6,6) 21,5kg (7,7,6) 21,5kg (7,7,6) 21,5kg (8,7,6)
Situps 4 sets of 17 (+5kg) 4 sets of 18 (+5kg) replaced by leg raises replaced by russian twists

Added bonus: ice cycling

I started the cycling season today, as I went to skating by bike. My boyfriend was kind enough to check the tires and that stuff, so I didn’t have to worry about them. The most exciting part of the thing was the icy roads.

2013-03-27 18.44.26


2013-03-27 18.43.32


“No maintenance during winter” Oh really?

But I’m still alive! And didn’t fall. Tomorrow, more biking and some helmet shopping. Why oh why are all bicycle helmets so damn ugly?

Rest of this night is reserved for the most promising diet show for a long time. The name translate as “My darling, you have become fat”. The idea is that couples compete for 10000€ prize, which they get if the fat one manages to shed 15kg in 7 weeks. The twist is that the normal weight partner is the personal trainer for the fat one. I mean come on 😀 Married couples and one is constantly nagging at the fatty 😀 I’m not sure which is more fun, watching the nagging or waiting when the poor one who is doing all the work is going to explode… These “loose weight on TV” shows are just constant source of fun. In this first episode, the couple goes to the local market, and the guy instructs the sales persons that they are not allowed to sell any candies or that kinda stuff to the girl. Great tv!

Spinach, biceps and Arnold

Not again with that Arnold-thing you might think. But my dear readers, Arnold is the best!

Golden six
21.3. 23.3. 26.3 28.3.
Squats 50kg 55kg (10,10,8,8) 55kg (10,10,10,10) 57,5kg
Bench press 40kg 42,5kg (8,8,8) 42,5kg (8,8,8) 42,5kg
Lat machine 55kg (6,6,6) 55kg (7,7,7) 55kg (7,7,7) 55kg
Overhead press 24kg 26,5kg (6,6,6,5) 27,5kg (8,8,8,8) 27,5kg
Bicep curl 21,5kg (6,6,6) 21,5kg (7,7,6) 21,5kg (7,7,6) 21,5kg
Situps 4 sets of 17 (+5kg) 4 sets of 18 (+5kg) replace by leg raises 4 sets of 20 (+5kg)

photo (11)

I started this Golden Six -stuff just little over a month ago. I’ve red from different forums that results are “visible” in about three months. If you train 3 times a week. But I think I’ve made some results already. Not so much that I’d take pics to show off, but enough to list my weights! They have improved, which is good!

  • Squats: 35kg -> 55kg (I do below parallel, before I didn’t, hence the small starting out weight)
  • Bench press: 35kg -> 42,5kg
  • Lat machine: 40kg -> 55kg
  • Overhead press: 15kg -> 27,5kg
  • Bicep curl: 12kg -> 21,5kg
  • Situps: 3 * 20 -> 4 * 17, 5kg

*Edit: It might be that the bar I use with biceps might not be 14kg, but 8kg. Have to check that one! 🙂

photo (12)

I bought some spinach today, I hope it will help my poor biceps to grow! Just like Arnold and Popye 😀