Weekly wrap-up, 9/2013

Let’s be honest. I was sick for a part of the week, but then I just got lazy. But I call this a rest week. I usually don’t have problems to go and do some kind of workouts, but this week I have rather buried myself under the covers and picked up a book. And a new book after I have finished one.

  • Monday: sick
  • Tuesday: sick
  • Wednesday: some basic bodyweight training and skating
  • Thursday: Ikea visit
  • Friday: lazying
  • Saturday: reading
  • Sunday: baking a cake and reading some more.

Tomorrow is some-workout-day. Maybe gym, maybe something else. Let’s see!


2 responses to “Weekly wrap-up, 9/2013

  1. Hey. It happens. Just pick up where you left off and put in a kick ass workout!

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