And were live again! Straight from the gym!

Back in business! Or back at the gym. I decided to go against my better judgment and went there at 16:00. On a Monday. Which might have been a disaster, but I was lucky and only had the queue for the bench. Only for a few minutes.

Golden six
19.2. 21.2. 4.3
Squats 35kg 40kg 42,5kg x kg
Bench press 35kg 35kg (+3) 37,5kg x kg
Lat machine 40kg 50kg (8,6,6) 50kg (8,6,6) x kg
Overhead press 15kg 16,5kg (+2) 19kg x kg
Bicep curl 12kg 14kg (+5) 16,5kg x kg
Situps 3 sets of 20 3 sets of 30 3 sets of 20 (+2,5kg) x sets of y

Not bad. First I thought that I’d do the same routine as when I last went to gym, but then I absentmindedly started to do the one I had planned out before the flu got me. What, you don’t plan your workouts for weeks ahead?:D


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