Snowshoes, sun and Arnold

This blog is turning into Arnold fan blog. Or I’m turning into Arnold’s Golden Six -fan girl! Which isn’t a bad thing. That program is something else. It’s short enough which means it does not get boring. And one doesn’t have to do just legs. Or arms. Let’s see if I still like G6 after this month. But at the moment, I’m a fan. Before the gym I did something else though.

2013-03-07 13.49.28-1

2013-03-07 13.49.34-1

We had a project kickoff day at work. First it was 3 hours in a crowded auditorium, but then it was 3 hours of sun and nice weather outside. We had to choose one activity to do. The choices were kettle bell class, broom ball (a broom and a ball and game is on), soccer (in deep snow), ice fishing and then the one I picked: snowshoe walking. It was fun and hard. But easy! And like usual, walking on water 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 9.39.09 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 9.39.51 PM

After the outdoor activities, most of my co-workers went to eat and have a sauna. I went to the gym. It’s not that I didn’t want to stay and socialize with the others, it was more that I have decided to do 3 G6s/week and next time I’m gonna go is on Sunday. Now I’ll get two days between the gym visits.

2013-03-07 17.42.00

A happy gym-goer halfway through the program.

Golden six
19.2. 21.2. 4.3 7.3.
Squats 35kg 40kg 42,5kg 42,5kg (+3)
Bench press 35kg 35kg (+3) 37,5kg 37,5kg (+5)
Lat machine 40kg 50kg (8,6,6) 50kg (8,6,6) 50kg (8,8,8)
Overhead press 15kg 16,5kg (+2) 19kg 19kg (+14)
Bicep curl 12kg 14kg (+5) 16,5kg 16,5kg (+2)
Situps 3 sets of 20 3 sets of 30 3 sets of 20 (+2,5kg) 4 sets of 15 (+2,5kg)

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