Friday Combat

I went to see what’s the new BodyCombat is like. I’m not sure. I really hate those “grap the opponent from the calf”-moves and they were included in this program. Plaah. Muay Thai was ok, overall this BC goes into category “sure, I’ll might go again”.

2013-03-07 18.35.39


In other news, the summer is not far away. Sure, there is still 10 meters of snow everywhere and it’s below zero degrees all the time. But it’s not dark when returning home from afterwork gym! Summer, please get here NOW!


2 responses to “Friday Combat

  1. I recently went to body combat at well, really felt it the next day. I’m glad you liked it.

    • This was not my first BC, lately I just have found the routines a bit boring (or I prefer to ski and run…)

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