Tough one

Oh my. Today’s gym was tough. I didn’t manage 10-reps in all series, but then again I added weights from last time. Why was the iron so much heavier today than on Thursday? Did someone change the plates or what?

And now, some photo tips to all of you who want to look heavier than they actually are. One: Do not straighten your posture before taking the pic (x). Two: Make sure that you have a weight plate rack behind you (x). Three: Make sure that you and the rack blend nicely, so that the rack adds extra 20 inches to your waist (x). See, something like this:

photo (6)


Also, you get extrabonus points for the spotty mirror.

Golden six
9.3. 12.3. 14.3 17.3.
Squats 47,5kg x kg x kg x kg
Bench press 40kg (10,7,7) x kg x kg x kg
Lat machine 50kg (9,9,8) 50kg x kg x kg
Overhead press 21,5kg x kg x kg x kg
Bicep curl 19kg (10,9,7) x kg x kg x kg
Situps 4 sets of 18 (+2,5kg) x x x

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