About food: Snacks

Afternoon snacks. I need them. If I don’t, I’ll eat some candy or chocolate. If I want to eat (irritatingly) healthy (no afternoon candy) I need to either buy a sandwich from the canteen or take my own stuff with me. It’s a kind of a nuisance to carry the food around, but I just don’t like the sandwiches…. A typical snack consists of some fruits and some source of protein. Like an orange, mix of different nuts and goji berries.

photo (3)

Or curd. cottage cheese, berries and some seeds (hemp, sesam, sunflower etc).

photo (5)

I have a few favorite snacks. And I don’t get bored with them. I’m just waiting for summer so I can get fresh strawberries ❤ I also keep protein bars and different oat meal bars in my bags, just in case I forget to take my snack with me or daily plans change. So I don’t need to buy that Snickers bar. But occasionally I do want it (and enjoy eating it too!)…

What about you? Do you eat snacks? What kind of snacks do you prefer?


2 responses to “About food: Snacks

  1. I like to make fruit/ protein shakes and also really enjoy mixed nuts.

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