The spring is (soon) here!

This morning it was really really cold, and I was a bit worried if my dear old car would even start… But it did (and I had to get to work). By the time I escaped the offices, sun was bright, sky was blue and it was really warm. Like little over 0 Celcius (32F) warm. Look how pretty!

2013-03-15 16.59.01-1


2013-03-15 17.05.45-1

The running didn’t go as well, but who cares. I did 6km in 45 min, not that bad. Not that fast, but it wasn’t the point anyway.

I really need to get myself a new pair (or two) of running shoes. The one pair I now have are really….well…plain ugly.

2013-03-15 16.39.51

I like my workout gear bright and pretty, and these shoes just are neither… At least they are ok to run 🙂

Total distance 2013: 40km (I’m gonna start to keep up this little calculator, just for fun)

Happy weekend folks!

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