On a bike, going nowhere

Spinning, that is. It’s been awhile, but luckily it isn’t that difficult to ride a spin bike.

photo (9)


I was a bit early… I like spinning a bit, even though I’m the first to admit that it’s a bit daft. One keeps spinning like a maniac, but the bike doesn’t move a bit. It’s the dripping sweat and the exhausted legs which I enjoy. With my narrow experience with spinning, I’ve found out that it’s so much about the instructor. Today’s girl was nice, the class was good endurance class but it was boring. The music was this latino-hip-hop-pop which I don’t usually listen (BodyJam aside). I wish my favorite girl would keep her classes at my regular gym (instead of the one which is 10 km from it), she has the best music! Volbeat, Rammstein, and that sort of thing.

photo (10)


Happy Monday, I’m gonna go stretch now (and then sleep. It’s anyway past 9PM here, sleep is allowed…)


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