Gym day happy day

I don’t know what the hell has happened at the gym, but I’m almost willing to bet money that someone has messed with the weights. They were way too heavy to be like they usually are.

2013-03-19 16.06.28

Golden six
10.3. 12.3. 14.3 19.3.
Squats 47,5kg 47,5kg(+3) 50kg Didn’t do
Bench press 40kg 40kg 40kg 40kg (8,8,8)
Lat machine 50kg (9,9,9) 50kg (10,8,8) 50kg 50kg
Overhead press 22,5kg 22,5kg(+3) 25kg 25kg
Bicep curl 19kg (10,9,7) 19kg (10,9,9) 19kg 20kg (10,8,6)
Situps 4 sets of 18 (+2,5kg) 4 sets of 20 (+2,5kg) 4 sets of 12 (+5kg) 4 sets of 15 (+5kg)

I changed squats to Deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts (both 3 * 10 reps with 40kg, 50kg and 60kg weights). If I don’t have Arnold thighs ever, this is to blame.


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