Gym, Wedding and Fallout

2013-03-23 12.03.38

Wasn’t too many people at the gym, pretty nice and quiet 😀 A little of blurry it was though… I managed to add weights to most of the sets, great! Today, iron was light. So probably next time I will fail in so many ways and feel like week like a 95-year-old granny.

Golden six
21.3. 23.3. 26.3 28.3.
Squats 50kg 55kg (10,10,8,8) x kg x kg
Bench press 40kg 42,5kg (8,8,8) x kg x kg
Lat machine 55kg (6,6,6) 55kg (7,7,7) x kg x kg
Overhead press 24kg 26,5kg (6,6,6,5) x kg x kg
Bicep curl 21,5kg (6,6,6) 21,5kg (7,7,6) x kg x kg
Situps 4 sets of 17 (+5kg) 4 sets of 18 (+5kg) 4 sets of 19 (+5kg) 4 sets of 20 (+5kg)

After workout it was time to run around the town. To get a shirt and stockings and a card and all kinds of gear. First it was a wedding and after that it was a theme party. The wedding was awesome, more like a open stage jam evening then a formal wedding. And I got to look like a girl! No track pants and training tops! Hair and makeup and all that shit, fun 🙂

The wedding party was over at 23, and we headed to another party. I decided to be the designated driver, since I really don’t like the hangovers anymore. Call me old, but I want to enjoy my Sundays and not spend them hoping I’d die, and then being afraid that I don’t die. But the theme of this party was Fallout. Apparently it’s some kind of a game, which occurs after the end of the world. Now I don’t know anything about games or fallouts, and I was a bit lost on what to wear. I tried to ask advice, but then I figured that if it really is the end of the world, the wisest thing to do is to hitchhike to another galaxy. I have red my hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy 😉


Towel, duck tape, thumbs, swimming goggles and comfortable shoes. That’s all I’d need if the world should end. What would you do if that would happen?


2 responses to “Gym, Wedding and Fallout

  1. I love Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!! Awesome book!!

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