Added bonus: ice cycling

I started the cycling season today, as I went to skating by bike. My boyfriend was kind enough to check the tires and that stuff, so I didn’t have to worry about them. The most exciting part of the thing was the icy roads.

2013-03-27 18.44.26


2013-03-27 18.43.32


“No maintenance during winter” Oh really?

But I’m still alive! And didn’t fall. Tomorrow, more biking and some helmet shopping. Why oh why are all bicycle helmets so damn ugly?

Rest of this night is reserved for the most promising diet show for a long time. The name translate as “My darling, you have become fat”. The idea is that couples compete for 10000€ prize, which they get if the fat one manages to shed 15kg in 7 weeks. The twist is that the normal weight partner is the personal trainer for the fat one. I mean come on 😀 Married couples and one is constantly nagging at the fatty 😀 I’m not sure which is more fun, watching the nagging or waiting when the poor one who is doing all the work is going to explode… These “loose weight on TV” shows are just constant source of fun. In this first episode, the couple goes to the local market, and the guy instructs the sales persons that they are not allowed to sell any candies or that kinda stuff to the girl. Great tv!


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