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Weekly wrap-up (and annoying instructors), 17/2013

Nice week. Except the fact that I managed to pick the rainy days as my running days. But it’s better to run in the rain, you automatically run faster so that you’ll get home quicker.

  • Monday: –
  • Tuesday: Running (4.5k), Stretching
  • Wednesday: Jumping & Sprinting, Skating
  • Thursday: Gym
  • Friday: Running (15k)
  • Saturday: –
  • Sunday: BodyPump, Stretching

photo (3)“I’m not taking a pic of me, not at all”.

Today I planned to do a gym day (arms and upper body) but I ended up going to pump. I decided to go easy on the legs, since they are still bit sore after Friday. The annoying part came right in the beginning on the squats (and later on in the lunges) when the instructor kept looking at me and saying things like “you can do it, it’s not that hard“, “you can do this with lighter weights” and (my personal favorite) “it’s not a squat if you go fortyfive degrees, do a ninety“. I mean she was all nice and cheering, but I was intentionally going easy with the legs and it annoyed the hell out of me 😀 I almost shouted that “hey lady, I know. I’m not tired, I just want to take these couple of songs easy” 😀 And she was looking at me all the time while saying these things, that’s why I know she intended them to me… Annoying!

If you just really really want to snowboard?

What should one do, if sun has melted almost all the snow and you just really really want to snowboard? You bring your own snow, a sort of benji cord, couple of friends to help you out and go for it.


Simple 😉

There! Done it!


I ran the 15k. It was cold, rainy, and it also meant that I had to skip an evening with friends, but I did it. Here’s some data:


I have to admit, it wasn’t easy. First 5km my legs were kind of tired, and I honestly considered turning around and doing this some other time. The next 5km went pretty well, and 10 – 12 km felt really good. I kept steady 8.0km/h pace for the first 12km, but then the last 3km were slower.

Even though my calves are killing me now, I’m tired and hungry and I’m sure my legs are really stiff tomorrow, I’m happy that I did it. Now I’m more confident that I can finish the half marathon in September 2013. Maybe even under 2:30.

Happy ❤

  • Distance: 15.00km, Av.pace: 7:47min/km, Av. speed: 7.7km/h

And total amout of kilometers run this year: 109 km

The WCP International Race Weekend

Awesome Chris Barnes from Wisdom, Courage and Power invented this The WCP International Race Weekend. The point is to run at your own pace, and run as much as you want. It can be 1k, 4k, 10k or 22k. What ever you want. The race days are 26.-28.4.2013 and 3.-5.5.2013. All you have to do is decide the distance you want to do and go for it.

I promised to run 15k, and today is the day. I’m getting nervous 😀 I haven’t run 15k before, the longest run I’ve done is 12k. I’m hoping I’m gonna do this under 2 hours, and that my legs don’t kill me… We did some jumps and springs on Wednesday with my skaters, and my calves are a bit sore still 🙂

If you want to participate, all you have to do is attend to this Facebook -event. Or just comment your results to Chris and WCP’s Race page.

Stay tuned for the results!

Why does it always rain on my running day?

Today it was sunny and nice, and it was my gym day. Some of you might ask: “You silly girl, why didn’t you just go running today then?” The answer is that I’m too stuck to my plans. I’ve planned 15k run on Friday, and Thursdays are generally gym days. So. Bicep curls, Triceps extensions, Lateral raises and TRX playing around it was.

2013-04-25 17.22.09If you look closely (and use a bit of imagination) it looks as though I’m getting some definition on my shoulders! And please ignore the super baggy pants which make my legs look weirdly short. And they also make me look fat. Blame the pants! I blame them also for the fact that I forgot to try pullups today.

Yesterday was skating day. We are still skating, at this magnificent ice rink:

2013-04-24 20.01.58

(Jäähalli = ice rink). It looks small, but it has two fields. And it’s down in a bunker,  40m below surface. It’s somewhat scary place, but well. Still skating, which is good.

2013-04-24 20.50.24


“Happy mind makes up the missing intelligence.”


Dumbest idea ever

Going running an hour after eating dinner is bad idea. Trying to run as fast as possible to get home sooner is even worse idea.

Running sprints  is the worst idea. Maybe almost throwing up counts as a good core workout?

  • Distance: 4.50km, Av.pace: 6:49min/km, Av. speed: 8.8km/h

And total amout of kilometers run this year: 94.5km

Weekly wrap-up, 16/2013

“This month is yoga month.” More like “last week was yoga week”… I didn’t do much yoga this week. Just once…

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday: BodyJam
  • Wednesday: Ashtanga Yoga, Interval training, Skating
  • Thursday: Running (6k), Push-ups, Stretching
  • Friday:
  • Saturday: BodyPump, Walking
  • Sunday: Running (12k)

2013-04-19 20.56.48

Next week: more running and more yoga. Maybe I’ll even go to the gym. To do some Arnold-stuff. It’s just hard to go inside, when it’s finally warm and sunny outside…

My run was a slow one. It was a bit difficult at first to run slow enough, but I had my sights on the total time instead of the quicker pace or the distance this time.

  • Distance: 12.00km, Av.pace: 7:30min/km, Av. speed: 8km/h

And total amout of kilometers run this year: 90km