Surprise attack of stomach flu

On Tuesday I went to the gym as usual. But I felt really tired and did only squats and bench. And tried again the pull-ups. I managed to do 4 10 rep series with 60kg squats, bench went good too. And I got 3 assisted pull-ups done (my boyfriend was at the gym too, and he helped. I also did 5 negative pull-ups on my own. But then I just didn’t feel like doing anything more. I just wanted to go home.

On Wednesday morning I woke up really tired, as I hadn’t slept at all. I went to work, feeling queasy. After couple of hours I called it quits and left home to sleep. I was feeling nauseous, tired and sick. I pretty much slept through Wednesday, couldn’t eat much. This morning I was feeling a lot better, so I worked from home. I didn’t want to go and make other people sick too. I was afraid that I finally got noro, but apparently not. It was just some pitiful stomach flu, which lasted 24 hours. Tomorrow is a normal workday (I hate being home when I could just as well be at the office) and an evening walk. Nothing too much, I want to make sure I’m healthy when I go to the gym or running track again.

It’s funny, the years I was eating unhealthy and not exercising at all, I can’t remember if I was ever sick. Now it’s these couple of days here and there. Annoying, but at least I get well pretty fast. And lost couple of kilos in two days, wouldn’t recommend this kinda diet to anyone though…


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