Pyramid Sunday

Deadlift Sunday, with couple of squats and bench presses thrown into the mix too. It’s nice to be able to walk to the gym and not be afraid some limbs to freeze and drop-off on the way. I hate warming up with the treadmill or elliptical trainer, so this walk to the gym is good way to avoid them. I wasn’t planning on going to the gym today, but I tagged along with my boyfriend. And good thing I did, I had fun at the gym.

  • Barbell deadlifts: 10*20kg for warm-up. And then the pyramid: 8 * 30kg, 6 * 40kg, 4 * 50kg, 2 * 60kg, 2 * 70kg, 1 * 75kg (and back). Phew! Personal best 75kg deadlift – achieved!
  • Romanian deadlifts: 8 * 30kg, 6 * 40kg, 4 * 50kg, 2 * 60kg, 1 * 70kg (and back). Another PB here!
  • Goblet squat with kettle bell: 4 * 10, with about 20 or 24kg kettle bell. The bell didn’t have the number plate intact, so I’m not sure about the weight. Who cares anyway.
  • Bench press: 10 * 20kg, 8 * 30kg, 6 * 35kg, 4 * 40kg, 2 * 45kg, 1 * 50kg (and back).
  • Leg raises: 3 * 10 reps.

There, short and sweet gym!

photo (18)


After gym went to get a cup of coffee, while waiting the super market to open. 0.6l of coffee, that’s what I call a decent sized mug 😀

Happy Sunday folks, I still have some yoga to do…


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