Turn off your mind

BodyJam Tuesday! This was a very special occasion. For couple of reasons. First, I don’t usually do Jam on Tuesday. It’s a Monday-night-magic-thing. Tuesday is gym day. It feels odd to be home and think that “crap it only Monday night, oh wait, it’s Tuesday!”. Not that I’m stuck with my routines or anything…

Second reason is that my boyfriend decided to come too. First time ever at BodyJam, and pretty much first time doing anything that has a choreography. He did well! Didn’t bump into me or the walls or anything like that. And he liked the class 🙂 I sold the class to him by saying there’s a lot of moves for upper body, and that makes the world of good for person who works in front of computer screen half a day. And I said that he’s a coward if he doesn’t at least try. Fair is not my middle name 😉 But as I’m such a kind girlfriend, I took him shopping afterwards. He went looking for running shoes, I entertained myself with my phone (a game of Monopoly).


BodyJam is great fun. This release 64 is really tough, it’s not difficult but I burned about 600kcal and my max heart rate was over 180. It’s easiest just turn off your mind and just go with the music and party. When I first started going to Jam, I was really self-conscious. I still am. I pick my place so that I can’t see myself from the mirror and just dance away. I don’t really pay attention to others, how they dance (unless they are a) really good or b) in my way or c) somehow annoying (like 2 teenaged girls who kept stopping in the middle of choreography to chat…). I’m pretty confident that others don’t really pay too much attention to me, so I just go ahead and dance like I’m the superstar on a music video. Turn off your mind, and just dance.

What have you been up today?

3 responses to “Turn off your mind

  1. Have to say… your boyfriend is very brave man! I have taken a few different classes but never ever something that involves a choreography or dancing. Okay dancing yes but it was for my wedding and it’s not the same. It doesn’t bother me if I’m the only man in the class ( done that a lot – me and the other girls working out 😀 ). But dancing is always some kind of show and the other people are watching….. 😀

    • I’d say about 99% of people think that other are watching, but in reality everyone is too busy either trying to keep up with the choreography or enjoying the dance to watch anyone else 🙂

      • I’m thinking that if I’m the only man in the class they for sure watching me. Not because I’m handsome ( maybe only in my dreams 😀 ) but they are curious what the hell that man is doing here. 😀 At first in the BodyPump classes I noticed that. Okay it’s a small place so in bigger place the people maybe think only their own business.

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