Rainy day run

Spring is finally here. At least now it’s raining water and not snow! Small victory, eh? I’m kind of afraid of this spring thing. Because it means I have to get my small young plants outside and try to plant them so that they don’t die. But look! They are growing!

photo (1)


You can see a tiny pumpkin too (left corner, down)! Let’s all hope that these plants will actually survive the move out and the whole summer. I sure do hope so…

I had plans to go to the gym after work, but as a free spirit, I changed my plans. That’s why they are made, plans, to be changed. Instead, I went for a run and did 100 normal pushups and 50 tricep pushups at home. And I also stretched! Go me. I was supposed to do yoga, but didn’t feel like it. Hence the stretching. The run went well, and the rain was more enjoyable then annoying:

  • Distance: 6.06km, Av.pace: 6:53min/km, Av. speed: 8.7km/h

photo (2)


Running makes one feel so fresh and young. Or is it just “soft”-filter? 🙂

And total amout of kilometers run this year: 78km

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