Jumping lunges

I started this day with BodyPump, and we got my favorite lunge set! The one with jumping lunges, couple of programs ago. I’m not really sure of all the weights I just, I just did what I felt good. And I haven’t been doing this release before, so I didn’t know what was coming. Really liked the chest song and hated triceps.

2013-04-20 20.38.47I also went for a little walk this evening. The sun was up, it was almost warm and my steps were light 🙂 Well, to be honest, I haven’t lost that much weight as I hoped, but I’ve lost  7,5cm where I wanted and grown my biceps a bit! (And my calves, which I’d happily had not done, buying boots is hard as it is…)

2013-04-20 20.37.27


I went for a little walk, about 6k. There’s a carpet washing place, already waiting for washers to come.

2013-04-20 20.40.20


Or maybe it’s a bit too cold still. I think I’ll go there to do some washing later this summer!

One response to “Jumping lunges

  1. There is also jumping in the newest lunges training. The jumping is done with the stepping board. First to the board and then to the air. The board is between your legs. ( other way around as usually 😉 ) I’m think the program is not bad or especially good. It’s okay I guess. For me the chest training is harder than before. Back is easier. For triceps weights should be the same than in chest – it’s so short. Biceps I do with dumbbells like I always do. It’s so much better. ( have to take two dumbbells for one hand though – 5 kg are the biggest so they don’t always be enough ).

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