Weekly wrap-up (and annoying instructors), 17/2013

Nice week. Except the fact that I managed to pick the rainy days as my running days. But it’s better to run in the rain, you automatically run faster so that you’ll get home quicker.

  • Monday: –
  • Tuesday: Running (4.5k), Stretching
  • Wednesday: Jumping & Sprinting, Skating
  • Thursday: Gym
  • Friday: Running (15k)
  • Saturday: –
  • Sunday: BodyPump, Stretching

photo (3)“I’m not taking a pic of me, not at all”.

Today I planned to do a gym day (arms and upper body) but I ended up going to pump. I decided to go easy on the legs, since they are still bit sore after Friday. The annoying part came right in the beginning on the squats (and later on in the lunges) when the instructor kept looking at me and saying things like “you can do it, it’s not that hard“, “you can do this with lighter weights” and (my personal favorite) “it’s not a squat if you go fortyfive degrees, do a ninety“. I mean she was all nice and cheering, but I was intentionally going easy with the legs and it annoyed the hell out of me 😀 I almost shouted that “hey lady, I know. I’m not tired, I just want to take these couple of songs easy” 😀 And she was looking at me all the time while saying these things, that’s why I know she intended them to me… Annoying!

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