Struck down by birch

I’m not allergic to anything. Or at least so I thought. But it seems that I’m learning new things nowadays. I’m allergic to birch pollen, which sucks. It means my nose is running, I’m sneezing all the time and my throat is sore. Since the antihistamin drugs are working a bit, it’s clear that this is allergy and not just a little cold.

This is so annoying. I’m not sick, so I could go and exercise. But I get out of breath really quickly so it’s pretty much impossible to do anything I want to. Like gym or running. I did cycle to work and back on Monday which meant about 30k and went skating yesterday. But that’s it. I’m going to try biking again tomorrow, let’s just hope I don’t roll over and die 😀

One response to “Struck down by birch

  1. I don’t have any allergies either. But some foods are making me sick. So maybe I’m allergic to them. 😀 For example black pudding, cabbage rolls and mushrooms. There are many other staff too. Maybe they are connected to a much larger allergic disorder I have?!

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