Biceps and triceps fool

You know all those young men at the gym who only work on their biceps and chest? I apparently have joined equally funny “triceps and biceps-club. Cause that has been my workout of choise last couple of times at the gym… I don’t have any explanation execpt that I just have felt like doing them. I’ve been biking more than usual, so my legs have been tired (excuse?)..

At least my workouts have been fun and biceps are still sore (not that is any indication for a great workout) from yesterdays session.

Tomorrow I’m gonna try running, it has been raining so maybe there’s little less pollen around.


3 responses to “Biceps and triceps fool

  1. Hehe, it’s all good. As long as you don’t look like you’ll topple over. But leg day is the best fun day, so hey, why not put in a killer for your next effort? 🙂

  2. glamor muscles they call them 😀

    i’m not allowed to do gym atm, and then there’s a new symptom that’s killing me so i’m just really bored right now.

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