Up and down

I went for a jog in Kauppi today. Kauppi is a recreational forest located about 3km from the city centre. Recreational forests give all residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, and they also serve as educational areas for schoolchildren and training areas for many sports clubs. (source)

2013-05-28 18.48.03 2013-05-28 18.45.35 2013-05-28 19.13.47 2013-05-28 19.36.27There are several routes to choose from, or one can just run around different paths aimlessly. I took the basic 3k route. There are also some route called Easy 3k and one called Competition 5k. But reliable sources have told me that the 5k is just hills. But so was the one I took too. Up and down, up and down.

2013-05-28 19.36.31 2013-05-28 19.36.38 2013-05-28 19.38.57 2013-05-28 19.46.31

At times it felt like a rush hour at the track, there were so many people running and walking or biking or just soaking up the sun. And there were also people kayaking and diving, so plenty of things to do at Kauppi. I passed also a soccer game and pesäpallo (Finnish equivalent to baseball) game, and a race track for dogs. Nice place 🙂

Run stats:

  • Distance: 6km, Avg.pace: – min/km, Avg.speed: 9 km/h (I didn’t get real stats, but I ran twice the 3k track in 45min)

Total distance run this year: 151km


2 responses to “Up and down

  1. Gorgeous photos!!!!
    And awesome results on your 6K! You inspire me!!

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