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First swim of this year a lake! It was great since it’s been so hot here. The water was nice and warm, over +20C. Otherwise I’ve been busy doing girly things. I got my nails and lashes done, I feel pretty now 😉

2013-06-26 23.12.39

What counts as workout?

Does cleaning count if done in +25C and when it’s humid like in the rainforest during the monsoon season?

This weeks workouts will be pretty much non-existent. I’m getting married on Friday, and there’s a lot of things to do. I’m just gonna not worry about the working out -part until next Monday 🙂 So see you all then, I might post something irrelevant meanwhile though…

BodyPump 86: Is it just me, or is it really tough?

Maybe it was the lazy weekend, or the long break from pump, but this new release was insane. The squats were not that bad, but the chest song was first indication that it was not going to be easy this time. The back was even harder, but the triceps were the last straw. I just couldn’t do those dips. Oh man. I liked lunges and abs, and the shoulder song was great too. I’m a bit lazy going to the gym when it’s hot, so maybe I’ll go to pump more often. This release is awesome 😀

2013-06-24 19.29.17“Look at me, I survived.”


Happy midsummer

Midsummer, the midnight sun, friends, bbq food and relaxing.






Trying out: Les Mills GRIT Strength

Instead of gym, I went to see what is this GRIT about. According to Les Mills,

Using the Les Mills SMARTBAR™, weight plates and the bench, LES MILLS GRIT™STRENGTH is an intense 30-minute team training session that will blast all major muscle groups and take your training to the next level. 

So basically, it’s a HIIT workout with weights. The instructor said that we should use 1/3 of our bodyweight in the songs that use Smartbar, but I took things a little (maybe too much so) easier and used only 15kg this time around. And yes, it was seriously too little. But then again, the song where we did clean and presses, jumps and rows, one had to hold on to the bar for the whole song. And believe me, it was a long song. My grip couldn’t have handled 1/3 of my bodyweight in that song….

Otherwise, it was refreshing and hard. Next time I know to use more weights, and try to handle all those burpees too. Here’s a review of this GRIT, by Bek.

photo (9)

(I had little extra time before the class started…) How’s your Tuesday gone?

Friend Makin’ Monday – Just wondering

1.  Do you wear glasses and/or contacts? I wear glasses when I remember to. And sometimes contacts.

Photo on 2012-01-04 at 21.49 #3

3.  What is your favorite food to eat for breakfast? I eat my breakfast at work, and lately it has been cup of coffee, a pear or an apple and one or two boiled eggs. Before I leave home, I have couple of cups of coffee 🙂

4. Do you enjoy window shopping? Not really. Maybe our store windows are so boring?

5. What is your favorite candle scent? I have two scented candles. The other is coffee (which is great) and the other is chocolate (which is a bit too overbearing).

6.  If you had to choose between going to a zoo or an aquarium, which one would you pick? Zoo! Tigers! Wombats! Do I need to say more?




7.  How many times do you plan to exercise this week? It midsummer party weekend, but I’m going to say I will do 5 exercises. Or at least try to make time for five.

8.  Do you speak another language fluently? I speak English fluently, Swedish well but not so fluently. I also speak a little French, German and Icelandic.

9.  What are you currently reading? I book by Anne Holt, a creepy detective story.

10.  What are you looking forward to most in the coming week? The midsummer night on Saturday! Because in Finland midsummer is a big deal. And because the sun doesn’t go down.

Fast pace Monday run

I didn’t actually want to go running at all, but I had to go. So I decided to run fast (it’s over quicker, right?). And I did run faster than normal, since I did 5k in little over 30min. Go me! To be honest though, it felt like running in glue, it was so hard… Maybe it will get easier..

Distance: 5km, Avg.pace: –6:31 min/km, Avg.speed: –9,5 km/h

Total distance run this year: 176km