Random gym

I promised to get my ass to the gym, and so I did. With a smile on my face. Partly because I felt great, and partly because it was really quiet at the gym. So I didn’t have to wait or anything. It’s the summer, and people prefer being somewhere else than at the gym. All the “Project Summerbody 2013”-people have given up and the “Let’s start a new life this fall”-people have not started yet. Good times!

  • Leg press: 1*10*50kg, 1*10*70kg, 4*10*90kg
  • Fly: 1*10*7,5kg, 3*8*10kg
  • Overhead cable triceps extension: 1*10*10kg, 3*10*12,5kg
  • Bicep curl: 4*10*10kg
  • Ab wheel: 3*7
  • Russian twists: 2*15
  • Back mobility things: 10min



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