Pole dancing, fear at the cliff and wrapping it up 24/2013

This was a unusual week 🙂 On Tuesday I went roller skating, on Wednesday it was gym, on Friday I went for a run and on Saturday it was my bachelorette party! I’m lucky to have friends who understand what I really enjoy and what I think is fun. We started the morning with a pole dancing class. It was hard! And great fun. The ever lovely Henriikka Roo (The Finnish and North European Champion 2013) gave us a class on the pole. It’s more acrobatics then dancing, and it was really difficult. But we all did learn couple of new tricks 🙂





Some of us were better and stronger 😀 After the pole dancing we went to have some brunch and then some hanging around at the minigolf course. I loved the fact that it didn’t matter how many points I got, I won anyway!

IMG_6733Next stop for our day was a 40m tall rock face. And the first task: get down.

IMG_4729I’m still smiling, since I haven’t looked down…



What comes down, must go up.



It’s a wonder how one actually can go up on the rock face, but it was good fun. And I really enjoyed it. The scariest part was the looking down part. You hold on the rock with your fingertips and couple of toes and realize that you must look down in order to see where to put your feet. And then just trust your legs and push up. It was thrilling and great, I definitely want to go again! And I think tiiti also enjoyed the experience, since we might have made some plans to go and learn the tricks of the rope climbing 🙂

Then it was time to eat, have a sauna and enjoy the rest of the evening. What a great day, I really have the best friends!




Amazing views, can’t complain 🙂



2 responses to “Pole dancing, fear at the cliff and wrapping it up 24/2013

  1. Henriikka Roo does amazing things on the pole. I can’t understand how she does that. 😀 I think only thing I could do would be leaning on it or something like that. 😀

    Looks like you had good party. It’s nice to have friends how knows what you like and act like it.

    • Henriikka is awesome, pure muscles 🙂 i’ve known her before she took up pole dancing, she used to train ballet and it really shows in what she does now 🙂

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