BodyPump 86: Is it just me, or is it really tough?

Maybe it was the lazy weekend, or the long break from pump, but this new release was insane. The squats were not that bad, but the chest song was first indication that it was not going to be easy this time. The back was even harder, but the triceps were the last straw. I just couldn’t do those dips. Oh man. I liked lunges and abs, and the shoulder song was great too. I’m a bit lazy going to the gym when it’s hot, so maybe I’ll go to pump more often. This release is awesome 😀

2013-06-24 19.29.17“Look at me, I survived.”


One response to “BodyPump 86: Is it just me, or is it really tough?

  1. I have done this 86 only once yet but I kind of like it. In my opinion the legs were quite the same as usually. Chest was interesting and I think I have to take to the barbel section more weight than our biggest 5 kg. The bar section is very short so it can be done with lot of weights ( if you have done the barbel section with too small 😀 ). The back training was bit odd.They have added pure cleans ( I don’t know if this is the right word to it 😀 ) to it. Back training also is paced on the same as always. High pulse. I think it was mediocre hard. Triceps training had a a lot of doing. But there wasn’t training with bar. That made the doing easier. Biceps training was harder I think. I couldn’t do it to the end with the same weights as in the previous 85. Lunges training was something I had to try something outside bodypump. I think I try to use the kettlebell instead of plate. The 10 kg plate is quite hard to keep in one hand from the middle hole. This ended to the high pulse as usually. The abs was odd too. I ques that it have to do with big weights. I used 5 kg plate and I think it didn’t feel much. It is possible too that my techniques did something to it.

    After all I think it was interesting.

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