Friend Makin’ Monday: Chris edition

Since people are at something called Fitbloggin’ (I have no idea what it is, does anyone else), Chris made up a list to answer for this Monday:

1. Did you set goals for the year?  (I don’t necessarily mean weight loss or fitness goals even.  Did you set out to learn to draw? complete a task?  Go skydiving?)
I set up a goal to try out new things. And so far I’ve tried out poledancing and rock climbing!

2. It’s the half way point of the year, how are you progressing on your goals?
Weightlosswise: not that well. Being happy -wise: very well.


3. It’s a long weekend here in Canada and I know my American followers get the 4th off.  How are you celebrating your countries birthday / Independence?
In Finland the celebrations for the independence day a quite unique when compared to other countries carnivals and day of fun. Here we kind of quiet down (I know, a Finn quieting down sounds funny, but it’s true) and we honor those who fought in  WW2 against Russia and made sure we could keep our independence. The other thing we do is that we watch the celebrations the president is having at his castle. Basically we eat and watch on tv when 2000 people shake hands with the president and his wife. And then we laugh and criticize ladies’ dresses.

4.  Have you ever shot a gun?
I once went for a shooting range and shot couple of times. Not my cup of tea. It was scary.

5. If your spouse or significant other was at work all weekend, every weekend how would you spend your time?
I’d lazy around the home, see my friends, go to the gym and that kinda stuff.

6.  Do you have a pet that had some weird habit?
No pets 😦


7.  Would you rather go Skydiving or Bungee Jumping? (you can’t say neither)
Skydiving. Though both options scare the shit out of me.

8.  What’s your favourite board game?
Trivial Pursuit. The 1985 version of it. If there’s a question about a country, the safest bet is to answer Soviet Union.

9.  Where would you like to go on a day trip? (In other words, what is exciting near you?
I’d go for a boat ride on Lake Pyhäjärvi.


10.  What is one thing you can’t live without?
My computer. I’m a geek.

Bonus question: Who is your favourite person you follow on Twitter? The fake Elizabeth Windsor!

No, one is not on Big Brother. This is partly because one is busy ruling the country, and mainly because one is not a moron.


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