A one crossroad and a one swim

The half-marathon is looming in the horizon, and I need to ramp up my running thing. Since I’m a routine-loving-girl, I tend to run the same routes all the time. There’s one for 30min run, one for 45min run and one for 60min run. So because I was going today to attend some business afterwork at town next to my town, I decided to do my run there. New route and that kind of thing. I pick a route which started and ended near a beach, so I could go for a little swim afterwards.

There were three possibilities: 1k route, 3k route and 5k route. I first thought doing 3k twice, but for some reason at the crossroad where 5k route went further and 3k route turned back, I went for 5k. I thought that well, I can always run that 1 or 2k on top of the 5k if I wanted.

photo (13)


The “road” was soft and pretty ok. It was nice to run in the middle of a small forrest, and not on a pavement. But then the path became narrower and narrower, until the path almost disappeared.

photo (12)


But it was truly a great change in my dull running routine. I decided that I’m gonna do more route changing, though it seems stupid to drive somewhere for a run.

Distance: 5.5km, Avg.pace: 8:45 min/km, Avg.speed: 7 km/h

Total distance run this year: 186km


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