Legs and shoulders under construction

Friday afternoon was pretty quiet at the gym. Maybe it was because the weather was still good (later on we got loads of thunder and rain enough to flood the streets) or maybe most people are on holiday all ready. Nice and quiet anyway!

Allout: Smith squat 2*8, 45kg
Allout: Romanian deadlift 2*8, 50kg
Giants: 3*8: Narrow legpress (100kg), Dumbbell lunges (12kg), Wide legpress (100kg)

Allout: Shoulder press, 2*8, 20kg
Allout: Dumbbell row, 2*8, 10kg
Giants: 4*8: Lateral raises to front (4kg), Lateral raises to side (4kg)

Abs: 3 rounds, 10 * Weighed crunch (5kg), 10*side Cycling

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